My friend Diana came to Tokyo for a weekend, and we planned to meet up bright and early Saturday morning to hang out~!  It had been a long time since I last saw her, so I was really happy and glad to see that she’s doing OK.  She’s teaching here in Japan too, just several prefectures away.  

We decided to go to Ikebukuro, most just sit and chat, catch up.  We spent some time at a cat cafe, wandered around the anime shops to find a gift for her little sister, and I took a picture of this “eye mirror” place.  It’s a glasses shop.  But it’s staffed by butlers.  So it’s a megane-shitsuji thing.  And I couldn’t really process it.  I could understand a cafe staffed by megane butlers.  But this was just a glasses shop.  

The second picture is a view of Sunshine city taken from one of the top floors of the Animate building across the street.  

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